GRADIENT DESCENT: Module for Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG

Created by Tuesday Knight Games

A brand new zine-sized module for the Mothership Sci-Fi horror RPG. Androids, AI, memory, and existential horror abound.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Patches unlocked! Brand new stretch goal!
11 months ago – Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 06:04:01 PM

Awesome! We'll be doing a custom patch just for Gradient Descent! I can't wait to toss some designs around.

We're really excited and have already started brainstorming what our exclusive patch for Gradient Descent will be. We've had some fun thoughts -- everything from former employees of Cloudbank to some superstitious patches worn by the Divers. We can't wait to show you what we come up with.

New Stretch Goal: PDF Warden's Screen

This one is cool, we haven't done it before. Essentially, it's a PDF with three printable pages landscape style for use as a Warden's Screen for Gradient Descent specifically. We want to put the encounter tables or some generation tools on there so you can reduce page flipping. Toss these in your universal GM's screen of choice when you're running the game and throw them in a binder when you're done. 

Brand New Review for A Pound of Flesh

Ben Milton of Questing Beast did a video review of A Pound of Flesh and it really highlights what we're trying to do with Mothership. Take a look, and if you don't have APOF already, toss $15 onto your pledge to grab it as an add-on after the campaign ends.

What's Next?

We have a lot more cool stretch goals coming up that we want to share with you. If you want to help the campaign the best thing you can do is to run a game for a friend or a group of strangers at your friendly local game store. Playing the game is the best way to support us. Barring that, writing a blog post or a session report and sharing it online to give people a taste of what the system is like helps a lot too. But no matter what, we appreciate your pledges and your support. Mothership truly would not be here without you.

Oh here is a computer joke I googled.

Q: How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None. It's a hardware problem.

Funded! What's next?
11 months ago – Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 08:47:03 PM

Thank you all so much for backing and funding Gradient Descent! We're so excited to see this project be as amazing as it can be. So what's next?

Seriously, we're all blown away by how quickly we funded and how pumped everyone is for the work we're doing. We've already nailed down a couple stretch goals so let's go ahead and get the new one out of the way since I know some of you are already thinking about it:

$30,000 Gradient Descent Patch

That's right -- we're doing another kickstarter exclusive iron on patch, this time for Gradient Descent. We're kicking around some ideas around the club (employee badge at Cloudbank? Android model number? Let us know if you have any cool ideas in the comments) and we're pumped to get a final design together. Get your battle vests and coveralls ready for this one!

Seriously though, thanks everyone.

We're working really hard to make this the best sci-fi megadungeon in existence. Luke is writing words and then immediately throwing them in the garbage to make room for all the bullet points I want to throw in. Jarrett is cutting content left and right. Nick is sketching and re-sketching until his nightmares are populated only with the blank stares of a thousand androids (this isn't new). It's been a really wild ride to see the Mothership community grow and we hope that you'll all enjoy this next addition to the world. 

If you want to help us, the best thing you can do is spread the word! Write a blog post about a session you played, or review the game on DriveThruRPG or The best thing you can ever do to help us though is to play the game with someone who has never played before. Just get out there and have fun.

Also, here's a computer joke I googled:

Human: What do we want!?

Computer: Natural language processing!

Human: When do we want it!?

Computer: When do we want what?